CEO Greeting

Hello everyone.

We deeply appreciate you to pay attention to our world first integrated service platform which leads the fourth industrial revolution.

Supernet is building an integrated platform with the challenge and willingness to tie buildings around the world with high-speed intranets. At present, Supernet is building the world’s first integrated platform that collects the technologies of the 4th industry to be developed and we are working hard to improve the quality and value of our customers by developing new services based on our platform.

The development of ICT technology is now faster than ever.
Our goal is to lead the changes of this technology environment and to develop into a global company with innovative technology and competitiveness.

In addition, we firmly believe that Smart City will be spread rapidly based on the smart buildings we provide, thus, this also can help many services be developed and create jobs and develop the offline industry quickly.

In the future, we will make every effort to ensure that everyone who lives in the smart buildings and the smart cities we will have built will enjoy the quality of services differentiated by our advanced technologies and contents.